Life at Sea

Prepare yourself for one of the hardest jobs you may ever have. This type of a work environment will challenge you on the physical level as well as the mental level. Everyone on board the boat is working toward the goal of filling the boat full of fish or crab. Nobody is working by the hour so you need to try and look at it as "the harder you work, the more you'll make in the long run". Usually, by the end of a contract whether that be 2, 3, or 4 months--the reward will be a large check waiting for you at home when you return. Both boats have a good track record of producing a lot of high quality seafood.  

Shifts on the boat are determined by the Master or 1st Mate on board depending on the type of fishing or the level of fishing (slow or fast) at the time. They usually run 16 hours on and 8 hours off. Every 8 hours there is a meal prepared and time in between sometimes for snacking or breaks. Since there are several different fisheries that the boats are involved in, the pace varies quite a bit.

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Current Openings:

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