Life at Sea

This job consists of a multitude of tasks which can change from day to day as the fishing demands or the Captain of the vessel sees fit. Shifts are 16+ hours per day, seven (7) days a week.

Duties may include but are not limited to:  

1. Heading, cutting and gutting fish. Cleaning and cooking crab.  
2. Packing the cleaned seafood into pans and loading into freezers.  
3. Packaging up product after 1st freezing process and stored down in the ship's hold securely. 
4. General clean-up of vessel and the vessel's warehouse in Dutch Harbor when deemed necessary by officers and factory foreman.  
5. Offloading operations in town (usually Dutch Harbor, AK). This is typically done by transferring product off vessel by offload belts into shipping containers or by loading onto trampers at sea.  
6. Back loading supplies. Processors will also be involved with the back loading of supplies in town such as bait, food, and fiber.
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Duties and Responsibilities:
· Ensure preparation of nutritionally balanced, cost effective meals in adequate portions that appeal to a diverse workforce of up to 32 people.
· Manages and oversees galley assistant to ensure a clean, organized and well-stocked galley and a friendly and welcoming dining environment.
· Oversees efficient, timely cleaning and sanitizing of bathroom and showering facilities and clean common crew areas.
· Establishes, maintains and enforces sanitary food handling, preparation and storage methods. · Creates menu plans to offer variety, inventory utilization and food cost maximization.
· Manages the usage and rotation of food supplies in consideration of shelf life and optimum freshness.
· Maintains accurate inventory reports of all galley related items including fresh, canned and frozen food, cleaning supplies, kitchen equipment, paper products and ship store items.
· Places advance food and supply orders to ensure timely delivery and cost-effective transportation charges. 
· Ensures accurate accounting of galley supplies as they are on loaded and stowed for the voyage.
· Oversees the safe and efficient stowage of dry, frozen and refrigerated goods.
· Maintains a high level of professionalism and customer service focus at all times.
· Ability to adapt quickly to changes in meal schedules or numbers of diners.