Committed to Sustainable Fishing

M/V Baranof catches and processes seafood from some of the world’s healthiest sustainable fisheries. The Bering Sea longline fisheries for Pacific cod and Sablefish were two of the first fisheries in Alaska to be certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. The commercial fisheries of Alaska’s Bering Sea are widely regarded as the best managed in the world. We are committed to making sure they remain a superior example of how fisheries can be managed on a sustainable basis.

Alaska Red King Crab

Alaska Snow Crab

Sablefish / Black Cod

Pacific Cod

Alaska Red King Crab

Paralithodes camtschaticus






King crab is synonymous with Alaska, where the fishery developed in the years following World War II. Red king crab, the biggest and best king crab, can reach a weight of more than 20 pounds and have a leg span of more than five feet. In Alaska, red king crab are fished from October until January in the waters of Bristol Bay, a huge arm of the eastern Bering Sea.

King crab are caught using large pots. This environmentally-friendly fishing method produces very little bycatch and has minimal impact on the ocean bottom.

After our king crab are caught, they are cleaned and the sections are immediately brine cooked and frozen on board in our modern processing plant.

We pack our buld sections in 28-pound boxes for shipment to Seattle, where they can be further processed into 20-pound boxes of graded legs and claws. Because we own our own quota and control our catch rates, we can also produce custom packs to your request.

Because it is frozen-at-sea, our red king crab has a clean, sweet flavor that is sure to please your most demanding customers. When it comes to Alaska king crab, buy direct from the producer for the best quality product at the best possible price.

Bulk Sections: 28-pound box
Graded Legs & Claws: 20-pound box
Fishing season: October – January

Alaska Snow Crab

Chionoecetes opilio and chionoecetes bairdi






We fish the two premium species of the snow crab family in the cold, clean waters of the Bering Sea. The largest fishery is for the opilio snow crab, the same species that is fished in both the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans. These crab reach a size of about 1.5 to 2 pounds, yielding clusters that average 7 to 8 ounces apiece. Bairdi, the largest species of snow crab, is fished only in the North Pacific. Also called “tanner” crab, bairdi average about 3 pounds and yield clusters that average 10 to 12 ounces each. Like king crab, snow crab are fished with large pots. Because they produce almost zero bycatch and have minimal impact on the bottom, this method of fishing is considered environmentally friendly.

Our two catcher-processors, the Baranof and the Courageous, catch more than one million pounds of snow crab each season. The snow crab fishery is open from October to May, with the bulk of the catch coming from February to April.

All our snow crab are processed and brine cooked immediately after they are caught. Freezing them at sea locks in all their sweet, natural succulence. Because we have our own quota, we can control our catch rates. That means we can produce custom packs to fit your company’s individual needs without sacrificing quality.

When you buy our snow crab, you are buying direct from the producer. And that means you are getting the best quality product at the best possible price. We look forward to woring with you and your customers to design a creative—and profitable—snow crab program

Bulk sections
Graded 5-8, 8up
Custom packing upon request
30-pound box
Fishing season: October – May

Sablefish / Black Cod

Anoplopoma fimbria






Long prized by seafood lovers in Japan, sablefish, which are also called black cod or butterfish, are quickly catching on in North America and Europe, too. The rich, buttery taste and pearly white meat put sablefish in a culinary class by itself. And there’s no better sablefish than ours, which is frozen at sea by our own catcher processors.

Although they are called black cod, sablefish are not related to cod. They belong to the Anoplopomatidae family, which includes only sablefish and skillfish. A deep water fish, sablefish are found at depths of up to 1,500 meters from central Baja California to the eastern Bering Sea.

Off Alaska, where more than 80 percent of the commercial black cod catch is landed, sablefish are fished with hook-and-line and long line pot gear, environmentally friendly fishing methods. Healthy and sustainable, Alaska’s sablefish fishery is currently under final review for certification by the Marine Stewardship Council.

The Baranof and the Courageous catch more than 800,000 pounds of sablefish each year, primarily from April through July. Because we have our own sablefish quota, you can be assured of a reliable supply year after year. All of our sablefish is landed alive and thoroughly bled before processing. And because we freeze our catch at sea—at the peak of freshness—we lock in all the rich, natural flavor of one of the most succulent fish in the sea.

Now is a great time to discover what our Japanese customers have known for more than 25 years—our sablefish is the highest quality sablefish you can find. And because you are buying direct from the producer, you can be assured of a reliable supply at a very competitive price.

H&G Pan Frozen
40-pound block
Fishing season: April – July

Pacific Cod

Gadus macrocephalus






The waters of the Bering Sea are home to the only cod fishery in the world that has been certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. Our two catcher processors, the Baranof and the Courageous, participate in the MSC-certified Bering Sea longline cod fishery. Although Pacific cod, which are also called grey cod or true cod, are found throughout the North Pacific, the largest concentrations of stocks are in the waters of the Bering Sea, where Alaska fishermen catch more than 400 million pounds a year.

Each year, our cather processors land approximately 7 million pounds of Pacific cod. Each fish is caught by hook-and-line, landed alive, and thoroughly bled before processing, ensuring that the flesh is snow white. Immediately after processing, our cod are flash frozen, sealing all the fresh, natural flavor inside.

Our consistently high-quality has made Baranof and Courageous caught Pacific cod a favorite in markets in Europe, Asia, and North America.

We produce cod from January to April and August to December. With a consistent production year after year, you can count on us to be a reliable source of Pacific cod. When you want to buy the best frozen-at-sea seafood from the Bering Sea, buy direct from the producer.

H&G Pan Frozen
40-50 pound block (random weight)
Fishing season: January – April, August – December